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Reviews for "Mario And Friends Goof Up"

needs more work

it wasnt funny at all and didnt come across with a point at all. You should really put more time on it to mkae it a parody and/or just a simple animation.

Good Start

Do your best and be innovative, excellent work ur lvl.

Well for thier a start for everything!

Well dude personally this isnt the best flash ive seen but most licky its becuase your starting out or whatever just keep tryin,practicing w/e an you'll get it. Also for that dude fear the what ever since your never going to visit this site take some pills dude cause if this flash upset you jesus what else upsets ur fragile little mind...

Cool very cool

I really think this is great
okfair enough the animation lacked a bit but the humour was amazing, top 4 jokes
1. The cow (So out of the blue)
2. When Mario farted pee eeew!!
3. i'll put it in my pocket
4. "mama mia"- lol was that you or mario saying it, pretty cool

To be honest I can't give ten as I really like the stuff by that disney guy, but in comparrison to most flashes this is much better
P.S: I doubte any of these reviewers can get the front page if they tried, which can only mean one thing, you're way better than them

I don't understand

Alright, its one thing to be mean and bash a cartoon when a bit of effort is put forth, but what else can I say about this?

Constructive Criticism:
The current style is to make things so bad that they're good. but try not to lose sight of whats bad in good taste. The fact that you were able to animate anything at all shows potential, so why not use it.

Please, for the sake of people tha enjoy coming to Newgrounds to lighten their mood or just get a cheap laugh, put a bit of effort towards your product. Earn laughter by being proud of how it turns out.

Score: 1/10, I don't believe in giving zeroes, thats the only reason