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Reviews for "Mario And Friends Goof Up"

Its alright give him some credit

listen dude people are all dowing this cause they like all that fancy flash scrpited animation bloopers and so do i but i honestly think this was pretty good below is a list of things u may want to work on
#1.ur voice isnt very good for movies i dont know how old you are but it may just be puberty if im wrong pleas correct me consider just using text ive seen some very well reveiwed movies just using text
#2.animation the animation was okay (i say this only cause i have have completely no flash experience whatsoever and all my movies are windowsmoviemaker peices of shit)
#3.the begining anint to well and pasusing the movie is anoying sou could just find osme better images 1 good source is shyguykingdom i beleve

ok thats the stuff u may need to improve on and also consider flash as it is a lot of work it will pay off u have a good first start and with lots of work could be the next fmaouse newgrounder

~unknownmario :D


This video was alright. Since this is oviously one of your first flash animations, I'll cut you some slack. The sprites were horrible, though. Each sprite has a light blue background that shows obviously they were made from MS Paint. Also, your voice acting is not very well. Please try better. If someone was in your room when you were recording, you should have waited so you can have the privacy to shout and do all kinds of crazy things. Another thing I want to recommend is saving your sprites as .PNG. .JPEG in Windows XP and younger are horrible for some reason. Thank God for Windows Vista.

I hope you do better next time. I'll look forward to watching your videos if I remember. Have a good day. Please respond.

Brad5987243058 responds:

I have been working on my Mario voice for about 2 years and I am a lot better at it now. I'll also try to make new custom sprites and I think I did save the pictures as bmp files, but flash made them look a little different. And I have vista now, so the next movie (coming this summer I guess) will be better.

I dont see anything to laugh at

this and the sequeal both make use of very unfunny random humour, the animation was very poor, that bit at the end explaining how marios legs worked was very pointless-we already knew what you were doing and those voices, no emotion and is your mic next to a refridgerator? because it sure sounds like it.
maybey you should use a REAL mario sprite and REAL backgrounds, watch some comedy shows for insppiration and youll be making good flashes

High five!

Give the guy some credit,

He spells better than most of you!

But, honestly, awesome first try, and I don't know how old you are, but you'll get better eventually.

And, reviewers, this is some SBC stuff, doesn't take a numbnuts to figure that out.

lacked originality

this was not good. it lacked originality. try to enhance the graphics a little though, i am sure with a better pallet of colors, a better collection of voices (usually ones that can be found by asking here on ng) or even some other artistic help from other sources, you will be churning out hits in no time.