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Reviews for "Mario And Friends Goof Up"

:) :D

Best flash movie ever!!! :D

i am really looking forward to the next flash you make

Nothing more to say.
or maby...?
naaaah just go make some more!! you know.. the puplic will love it!
(god damnit how long must a revew be.. there is nothing more to say.. i swear!!)

Not great, but not a bad start

You definitely have potential. Keep working at it, and follow Drocanis's advice. Hope to see some good things in the future.

You need some work....seriously

You'rer lucky I'm a light user or I would bash this movie to the grounds, but it's not crappy.

The movie was less than average, but not horrible. Could use more sound effects, better sprites, and something else that I can't think of. Anyway, get some more experience with flash and try again. Everyone starts off somewhere(and no, I haven't watch pt.2 yet).

Oh, and for people who are wondering why this is on the frontpage? Visit the forums more often or google "BBS: Tom please frontpage this movie". That should explain everything.




Next time I would suggest getting your sprites from a cache online, theyre exact replicas of the ingame graphics. You might try looking into some flash tutorials and that will help you get ideas on what you can do with your next work.

Good luck on your next try ;)


It Sucked!

This was pretty bad. But like Icarus said, I can't even make flash. But it does need transperency. It was funny at times i'd give you that. But you should work on it.