Reviews for "Mario And Friends Goof Up"

Uh Oh...

I know you don't want people to rate this badly but you also want people to be honest so honestly... this will probably get blammed. If it doesn't congratulations, thats great news! Yes your trial for flash ran out but things like the fart joke, the mispelling of the word sense and the giant unrecognizable cow sprite will probably make people want to vote low on this. Also when people ask people not to blam stuff... they usually blam it anyways. Practice flash and watch other sprite movies to gain experience so you can get better. Good Luck

It wasn't half bad...

It was ok. The animation was far from top notch. The sound effects were of course ripped from various mario games, but this is a mario flash (Duh). Anyway this was pretty funny and I can tell you put some effort into it. But don't post anything on Newgrounds and not expect to get negative criticism.

Begging people to "vote high" and "don't blam this" is begging to get BLAMMED. If you can't take criticism or negative comments and/or assholes that call this crap, then don't post anything on NG ever again. PERIOD

Lots of great flash authors have to put up with assholes spamming their PM box and giving horribly hateful reviews. If they can put up with it and persevere, then maybe you could be inspired to do so. Guys like Krinkels, Johny Utah, Luis and Zeebarf don't beg people to "vote high' and "please don't blam this, I worked really hard on it."

Otherwise if you can't take it, then please do us all a favor and NEVER submit anything again.

best movie eh?

dont you even know how to make a sprite become transparent?
put a plot or a point in your flash
dont save your spirtes as JPG
make sprites transparent
have better humor