Reviews for "Mario And Friends Goof Up"

I notice something.

Damn. I was reading the reviews from this and the reviews from the famous "crap" flash, B. And...B started the Clock Crew and was immortalized. I think....this flash will make it to portal history too.

Tom. For putting this on the front page. Genius. But I don't see where the "Popular Demand" comes in.X3

Plus, B didn't get flamed this badly. XP

But yeah. the movie sucked.


i think its wrong? how did you get FP? the animation is creepy :S I don't understand the point of this...there are many artists that do their effort to create something good and this won? lol I know you can do it better ^^ try again and check the tutorials of the sprite movies.

You gotta be kidding me!

That was shit I am not sure if that's how you intended it to be but everything didn't impress or amuse me. I am very dissapionted expecting to see something good on the front page, in my opinion you should have got Turd Of The Week.
I suggest you improve your skills a bit more before submitting something else hopefully your next movie will be alot motre tolerable and genuinely funny, good luck!


Yeah..the part explaining how Mario's left leg was actually his right was funnier than any other part of this flash.. Sorry man, good try though.

It Blows!!!

I'ts a terrible Classic!!! This is obviously the animation that everyone else makes fun of! Watch Jerry Jackson's Super mario bruvvas parondies http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /317468 i hate it so much i love it!!!!