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Reviews for "Mario And Friends Goof Up"


But it was just bad. I don't see how it got front page, and I stand by the fact that it shouldn't have. HOWEVER, I am not a dick like a lot of the below reviewers. I'm not gonna insult you or ask you to kill yourself or whatever. Thats ridiculous. But quite honestly, this is a worse animation that most of what my originals were...and they weren't too pretty. You do have humor in you, I can see it, and others have too....but like someone mentioned, don't be too proud of this, since it just isn't worthy of what it got. Next time, work as hard as you can on a flash...it's hard, but worth it (see: The Matrix Has You, Perfect Kirby, Rockman Neo, Walk Smash Walk, etc.)

I always love seeing people try, and that is why I won't give this a 0. You get a 2, mainly because I'm impressed this wasn't blamed; be it through pity or not. I hope to see better thjings from you in the future.


Well, you know...

At least you made quite a bit of recognizable effort.
Gotta give you that. It's a lot more than most do.

Good try.

It wasn't compleately horrible, they sounds were used well, the only problem I had was I couldn't get past the neerly constant white background and the blue square arround Mario. Otherwise a very good first try.

Okay I guess

I dont really believe people doing bad work. If you try sprites, the ones on new Mario, I believe it actually be better. I dont really like the old Bowser but the new ones awesome knowing that Bowser is my favorite character. It was okay though.

I dont give a shit...

I gave this a 5....XD I loved it...