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Reviews for "Mario And Friends Goof Up"

would of been funnier if i was baked

but im sure you can do better right?

for all you retards.. . . .

this is on the front page because of comedic value, not because its good, its really terrible but it was either funny to the lot of people or to the admins themselves. I thought it was pretty ridiculous haha. but nice try. keep up the work, you need to work on improving though!


I clicked this because it was front-paged, ostensibly "by popular demand". I'm a bit curious about who all demanded it. :-? Not that it matters, I guess. I think you did put some effort into this, so for that you certainly deserve credit. The animation is okay, I've seen much, much worse animation & art than this in stories that I liked, so while there's always room for improvement there no matter who you are (self included, NO doubt), the only thing I'd suggest focusing on a bit more is making a coherent story line. You did okay, don't get me wrong, but storyline skills don't come overnight. You have an imagination and are putting it to work, and that's good - just put it to work a little more if you can. ;-) Keep on trucking! :-)


so bad it was good. literally =)

5/5 10/10 woot woot

Lmao ill give this thing an 8

This wasnt that bad but could had been better if you used different sprites I am pretty suprised this made front page but it was kindof humorous