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Reviews for "Mario And Friends Goof Up"

... needs A LITTLE bit of work...

A little Bit of work is all not bad besides thats though.

can i say wtf

honestly,the animation is not...my kind...lollll....the scenario is...anyone know if there a scenario???improve ur animation...it cant be hard....and the scenario...a story line...something i love absurd...but...i cant say anything more lol so improve and make something better...if u do i will be the first to tell u that u make something better...i hope lol...c ya

I'm sorry...

...but you really need a LOT of work if this is the best you can do.

I don't get how this made front page, but whatever.

I'd say work on your sound levels and try to do your own animation, even if they're sticks with hats, because the color blocking behind the sprites is very irritating.

Good luck.

<3 -t


It's funny, but if you dont want people to blam it,
make your sprites transparent.
I know a good site for it, but I can't link to sites.
The audio is another issue, you need to make the audience feel that
Mario IS Mario. PM me if you have a question about this review.


Dude...look, I shouldn't be talking, because I can hardly amke stick animations, but...work on your skill a bit more. This, sadly, made my eyes bleed.