Reviews for "Make Your Own Story!!!"

simply amazing

the was fun! Good work !

funny as heck!

meta knight pooped the beasts bladder.ha ha!

Heehee that was cool

"He took his rumpled Dildo and fucked the beast's Armpit"

Once upon a time, there was a horny kingdom called McDonalds. Everything was peaceful in McDonalds until one day a sexy creature called Dr.Gay attacked. Dr.Gay had the Boobs of a/an Mammoth and the Dick of a/an Anteater. He destroyed the whole kingdom and took the princess hostage. It was up to one black knight to save McDonalds, and that knight's name was Mr. FUCKER. As soon as Mr. FUCKER heard that the kingdom was being attacked, he got his lucky Pink armor and started riding his Tiger to Dr.Gay's lair. He took his rumpled Dildo and fucked the beast's Armpit. The beast screamed Poo!!! And then farted at Mr. FUCKER almost killing him. Mr. FUCKER used his last bit of energy to faint Dr.Gay away. Thanks to Mr. FUCKER, the kingdom of McDonalds was saved and Mr. FUCKER and the princess lived happily ever after.


Holy Ass Cat Yelled Fartnokker,...

In the year 3029A.D. Spaceman Feromount from planet Ohio was exploring the galaxy on his undefined spaceship. On one of his travels, he was attacked by an alien fleet. He had to escape the large fleet, so he sped up to 36! He was going so fast that he didn't see the Beige planet North from him. All of the sudden, the gravitational pull of the Beige planet dragged his Cool ship and crashed it. Spaceman Feromount knew that the fleet would come destroy him so he searched the remains of his ship for his lazer S U C C. Luckily, there was a/an Awesome military base nearby. Feromount sneaked by a few guards and reached the vehicle storage area and found a couple of alien flying Airplane behind some crates of Spoons. Before he could ride Airplane back home, the guards spotted him and attacked him like a pack of Walruss attack a baby Cheetah. Feromount pulled out his lazer S U C C an beat the Fucker out of them. One alien soldier managed to activate the self destruct sequence. Feromount got on the vehicle and flew away. Zakoing!!! All that was left from the plant was Beige dust. Luckily, the fleet had just arrived and died a/an Weird death from the explosion. Spaceman Feromount became a hero in Ohio and was worshipped for many years.