Reviews for "Make Your Own Story!!!"


This is pretty unique. I was actually doing one of these in a Captain Under Pants book. I even looked through the internet to do one of these. This is en exelent flash! Keep up the good work! 10.

This Is Damm Good Game

In the year 3044A.D. Spaceman Phil from planet Game was exploring the galaxy on his undefined spaceship. On one of his travels, he was attacked by an alien fleet. He had to escape the large fleet, so he sped up to 4444! He was going so fast that he didn't see the Blue planet East from him. All of the sudden, the gravitational pull of the Blue planet dragged his Happy ship and crashed it. Spaceman Phil knew that the fleet would come destroy him so he searched the remains of his ship for his lazer Bunny. Luckily, there was a/an Flew military base nearby. Phil sneaked by a few guards and reached the vehicle storage area and found a couple of alien flying Aston behind some crates of Bugs. Before he could ride Aston back home, the guards spotted him and attacked him like a pack of Lions attack a baby Cheetah. Phil pulled out his lazer Bunny an beat the Shit out of them. One alien soldier managed to activate the self destruct sequence. Phil got on the vehicle and flew away. Huh!!! All that was left from the plant was Blue dust. Luckily, the fleet had just arrived and died a/an Died death from the explosion. Spaceman Phil became a hero in Game and was worshipped for many years.


42 years ago, in a campsite in Cuba, a/an Gay camper named Sponge Bob had the adventure of his life. It all began in one Long morning when Sponge Bob was hunting Snakes. He heard a Wavy roar louder than any Snake he had ever heard. He went to check out what had made than sound, but he found nothing. Later that night, he heard the same Wavy roar, but this time he knew it was close by. He wondered off in the night and saw a/an Heavy creature with Red fur. Sponge Bob knew this had to be the Heavy Bigfoot. Sponge Bob had to be careful, so he hid behind a nearby Bottle. He started to think of Chips, and his stomach started growling. Immediately, the beast turned around and Ended at Sponge Bob. Holy Holy Shit Dog, yelled Sponge Bob, as the Red beast reached him. Sponge Bob was never seen again, but legend says that you can still hear the screams of Sponge Bob around that campsite in Cuba.

Mine makes no sense

Once upon a time, there was a Stinky kingdom called Scat Land. Everything was peaceful in Scat Land until one day a Fat creature called Scorpia attacked. Scorpia had the Fist of a/an Chdonga and the Tail of a/an Glunkytent. He destroyed the whole kingdom and took the princess hostage. It was up to one Hungry knight to save Scat Land, and that knight's name was Chdonga. As soon as Chdonga heard that the kingdom was being attacked, he got his lucky Red armor and started riding his Kryll to Scorpia's lair. He took his Ign'nt Flamberd and Owned the beast's Toe. The beast screamed HAXOR!!! And then Shlarbed at Chdonga almost killing him. Chdonga used his last bit of energy to Pwn Scorpia away. Thanks to Chdonga, the kingdom of Scat Land was saved and Chdonga and the princess lived happily ever after.


Being my stupid self I just had to make this story:
Once upon a time, there was a Pee kingdom called Pooville. Everything was peaceful in Pooville until one day a Poo creature called Toilet attacked. Toilet had the Arm of a/an Poo and the Leg of a/an Dog. He destroyed the whole kingdom and took the princess hostage. It was up to one Toilet knight to save Pooville, and that knight's name was Poo. As soon as Poo heard that the kingdom was being attacked, he got his lucky Brown armor and started riding his Cat to Toilet's lair. He took his Crap Butt and Pooped the beast's Head. The beast screamed POOOOOOOOO!!! And then Flushed at Poo almost killing him. Poo used his last bit of energy to Pooing Toilet away. Thanks to Poo, the kingdom of Pooville was saved and Poo and the princess lived happily ever after.