Reviews for "Rats on Cocaine - Ep # 8"

WOW... It never gets old... :3

WOW... disturbing as always... and funny as hell as always...
I ROFLED almost all the time... "Let's rape and kill children... YAY!!!" :3


i love this flash, it's good. can't wait for the next episode, hope it comes out soon. 9/10

-viper xeon-

Good news for people with drug problems........

rats on cocaine are here for you. I love this toon, keep'em coming. oddthing is they remind me of my parents

i just watched 8 eps and cant wait for more

i have been watching alot of things on newgrounds over the years, and jsut recently became a member, you have one of the best series on the web and i know i would love to see more, keep it up


I love the whole series. It is so funny. I can see it being on television late at night. LOL I can't stop laughing. Awesome job!