Reviews for "Rats on Cocaine - Ep # 8"

wow er i think

funny made no ses but wen did eny thing


another slick & sick installment of R.O.C.
Good job


This is quite possibly the most evil thing I have ever seen on here! I cant remember the last time i laughed this hard. KEEP IT COMMING

Fucked up

This series is so fucked up, I'm loving it. Keep em' coming.

I love The Rats On Cocaine

These Skits Provide the best Adult Skits that would leave me in tears. The action's and the Reactions to the Theme of the Skit to the Ending leaving you with ur sides hurting. Keep making dude, good stuff. have to watch them atleast 4 times to get the funny out of it. but still to this day i got back to the first one and watch them fighting with a razor, and the Meth Gerbals is just too funny, and the ectasy rabbits. still gets me going. good work once again.

ApocalypseCartoons responds:

thanks. you may be seeing more of some of those other characters you mentioned. in future episodes.