Reviews for "Rats on Cocaine - Ep # 8"

thats funny

hahaha kill childern and rape them lol

It had it's moments

Not the greatest episode but a good one,not really fast paced as usual.

I just, couldn't finish it.

Wow. that was stupid...and I did get the jokes... they where just...stupid... I have to be honest usualy i dont comment unless i watch the entire thing...but 3 min was enough for me... stupid... but to make this review "constuctive" the animation wasn't bad, just work on your humor, and don't milk the same joke 50 times in a 3 minute period, especially if that joke is a bad one, or one that just gets old fast, I got the point the first time norman is a weird creepy guy who talks kinnda funny. I'll give you 3 stars because at least the animation was average. oh and one more thing the voices were overpowered by sound effects, I don't know if thats what you were going for or not.

Yet another piece of awesomeness

My compliments for producing yet another hilarious episode of RoC, man! My sis and I can't stop laughing at the hilarious antics of Cage and Alice. :)

"Aaah! Tiny devils! Get them off!"

cocain is a hellava drug

I agree with the guy two spaces below me: what the hell was that!? fucking funny though.