Reviews for "The Rise of Atlantis"

i guess its ok? bt repetitive

got quite bored of it athe babylon stage. got a score of 100k over. lol. den istoped playin.. too repetivite. lol.i like the speed at which it drops tho. and the charging thing,


wow, fun until i got halfway through the game and it told me to download the full version

needs work

i like this game but its not new
besides the powerups.....I liked the graphics.. they were very well done and the music fit pretty well with game play.... the game could be better with more twists but its very fun to play.. like all the other beleweld kind of games....i agree with the guy below me....


It's very addictive but like with most of the games in the whole try-before-you-buy genre I'm good with what you give me here.

Fun! :-)

A fun game, but I was annoyed when I was told I had no more moves and the game automatically removed a life instead of giving me the option of using one of my power-ups. I mean, how was I supposed to *know* I was about to run out of moves?