Reviews for "The Rise of Atlantis"

Seriously flawed.

Yeah, this needs serious fixing. About halfway through, it starts subtracting lives even when you beat the level. Not cool.


It's very easy. I didn't even realize there was a time limit until the little power-up insisted there was, and disregarded it afterward. It's oddly rewarding getting insane combos every five seconds, though. It certainly is long, huh.

not really "truly unique twists"

i couldnt count the times a game like this has been made. ive never really liked these games and i dont think that many other people do. still, you have made an effort to make it fresh and original. overall, i think you should speng this amount of effort on a more exiting game. then that would be exellent.


This is a good puzzle game. I is a bit of the same old thing with a new twist. I do not like the fact that if you reach no more move but you still have special powers you die. The game is also stoped about half way through.


It's just another rehash of an old genre. They're all over the net, wanting up to £15 for the full version, when all they're done is changed the theme of a game that has been done to death.

Other than that it's well done. But sorry, I've seen too many of these things.