Reviews for "The Rise of Atlantis"

I agree with VikingNinjaPirate

This is nothing new at all. Bejeweled sparked some revolution of spin-offs that just seem to add nothing much to the original game. This adds a really flimsy storyline, and some power-ups that have already been done and over-used. I have no idea how this rip-off managed to make Daily Top 5.


whatts with all the shitty games of front page??, and invaderzimja learn to spell


I sat and played the whole game. Beginning to end. When I was only 2 towns away from the end...it asked me to buy it. Its a damn add. Save yourself the trouble and dont bother.
I loved the game, it is pretty, I like the themes I just wish it was just another add trying to get money out of us ng users. But whatever.
Pretty game, fun game, ending is balls.

Too many times, I tell you! TOO MANY!

Sorry, but I agree with everybody else. Bejewled has been used way too many times.


this is a major RAM hog and dies halfway through. Tried on three different computers.