Reviews for "The Rise of Atlantis"

Not exactly anything groundbreaking

But it's a nice distraction.

It was quite easy, perhaps a bit too much so. The sun thing was very easy to charge, and nearly always blasted everything out from under every artifact piece and powerup on screen. I used like two bombs, and no other items throughout the course of the game.

The nagging to download the thing was a bit of a turn-off, especially when you know that it's only a 60-minute trial version...even though the partial version submitted here lasts about twice that long.


Fairly good game, little easy. I encountered some problems in 2 levels at the end. The very last leven and level 10 (Don't know for sure if it was 10) When the screen had loaded, it immediately said I won.

not bad

its not bad i realy liked it ,its rarther addictive i like how its been set out it must have been hard to make but it was worth it im dissapointed that i cant carry on on it due to the fact somethings wrong on my computer thus meaning i can veiw flash submissions im sure it will be fixed soon

Wow that is completely insane

Thats one kickass puzzle game. I am addicted to it, man. Wow. Really cool man, I like it. I hope you make more games, cuz this is awesome. I like when I get major combs I keep getting them non stop even when I got the pieces. But it will get harder as I go, I know it.

Nice Job, almost good. 3/5


This is awsome but I actually don't think you created this game.