Reviews for "The Rise of Atlantis"

needs work

i like this game but its not new
besides the powerups.....I liked the graphics.. they were very well done and the music fit pretty well with game play.... the game could be better with more twists but its very fun to play.. like all the other beleweld kind of games....i agree with the guy below me....


Fairly good game, little easy. I encountered some problems in 2 levels at the end. The very last leven and level 10 (Don't know for sure if it was 10) When the screen had loaded, it immediately said I won.

not bad

its not bad i realy liked it ,its rarther addictive i like how its been set out it must have been hard to make but it was worth it im dissapointed that i cant carry on on it due to the fact somethings wrong on my computer thus meaning i can veiw flash submissions im sure it will be fixed soon

Fun! :-)

A fun game, but I was annoyed when I was told I had no more moves and the game automatically removed a life instead of giving me the option of using one of my power-ups. I mean, how was I supposed to *know* I was about to run out of moves?


This is awsome but I actually don't think you created this game.