Reviews for "The Rise of Atlantis"

Well done

Its a very nice bejeweled clone!

A cheat?

When ever you are stuck, just hover your cursor over a random tile for a min.
A big shine across the whole game will apear (sometimes) then two tiles will shine, swap them and you will get a 3 in row. I discovered a cheat.

I played it till I lost.

Good work.

It's a solid game with maybe an overused concept, but it's really good. The graphics, sound, and game itself are really well done. Perfect for a quick game on a cell phone for sure.

Fun but repetative

It was a fun game i loved how the puzzels change shape after each level. but it was still the same thing over and over again

not bad

Although a bit too easy, this game is really fun. One annoying thing about the game is when there are no moves on the screen it kills you and makes you start over even when you have bombs. Overall a good game.