Reviews for "The Rise of Atlantis"

I'm glad I didn't waste my time...

You can only play halfway through this game... It says you can play all levels if you download it. I doubt that...

Seriously flawed.

Yeah, this needs serious fixing. About halfway through, it starts subtracting lives even when you beat the level. Not cool.


But mostly the same thing for many games such as:
Bejewled, Jewel Miner, Jewel Quest, Rainforest Adventure and many many more.
Addictive as well, good graphics, but also a rip off to buy the deluxe at 19.99. :D


too long, with too little a reward.


It's very easy. I didn't even realize there was a time limit until the little power-up insisted there was, and disregarded it afterward. It's oddly rewarding getting insane combos every five seconds, though. It certainly is long, huh.