Reviews for "The Rise of Atlantis"

Sweet game

This is a very cool game.

Why would you download this?

it's a cool game. Graphics & everything were well done.
All it needs is a diffrent theme, I don't really like the anceint Egypt thing.

Plus who in their insane mind would download this?
I mean, it's a fun game but give me one reason why?


This game isnt that bad, one of the funner games out there. The simplicity of the controls are very nice as are the graphics. The gameplay is fun to play and once you get the hang of it really lures you in and keeps you playing, but who really is going to download this? The game itself is fun, but no one I know or anyone with any time on their hands would down load it. The vast amount of levels do make it seem ike a lot of work and effort was out into it. Anyway, nice job.

Awesome :D

I really liked this game, graphics are great, audio is nice, and the idea of taking a game like this and making it much more challenging and unique isn't always easy. Keep up the great work :D


it got repetitive after a few hours. other than that, good game.