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Even better

I was amazed by the first version of this game, and the second version doesn't disappoint. The much needed added songs and bonus levels were amazing, making the game much longer. The lives system was also a nice touch, including paying points for extra lives. While no new enemies apeared, it's still a lot of fun. The powerups are still good and the graphics look great. Overall the only reason this isn't getting a 10 is that it's pretty much just the same game, only with new levels.


woow. mann you're awesome! i learnt that you were the auhtor of 'ROSE'.the game. s%u0131 I added you to my favs.

i liked this

it was good, when it ever inverst the colors it throws you off

Great game.

Pretty fun game, with very, very good music.

Very awesome.

It's like geometry wars except with a beat you can get jiggy with. Very fast paced, very fun.