Reviews for "> - RhythmBlaster V2"


awesome game just like the first, the laser blaster rocks but the music could of been a lil better so... 7

YUMMY game!

Got a descent 704,390 on my 1st go (my mouse jumped 3 bloody times during the game! So i died an un-necersary 3 times) and for some reason which puzzles me is the fact it kept jumping and "lagging" at horrible times. My flash has never lagged before. Ever. So is it just like that for every one as it's graphics heavy at times? Just part of it we have to deal with?

Very good, vast improvement on the 1st. The difficulty has been fixed: Before it had un-fair enemys, and naturally the boses are quite devious and tough (although i partially found the red just as easy to kill as the yellow)

Good game overal, very good.


Great syncing

This was way better than the original. More levels and use of arrows were great extras.


this game is fun and addicting the only problem i had was that it lags a bit when the shapes start pouring in but it my be my computercuz it sucks still good game make another


this is one of the best flashes on the portal for a while. Recommended for the rock out collection!