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nice game

nice game and has many audio and ! author

Very good!

- Pros -
You can shoot without using the mouse, so I can do it with my Mac now, good concept, nice graphics, and excellent music.
- Cons -
A bit laggy.
= Suggestions =
Make it lag a bit less, K?

great game, but very confusing

Your idea of this game is brilliant. Brilliant concept and ideas for this game, lovely music and graphics. But the game is very confusing, i just know i was gonna shoot but i did not know there were gonna be power-ups, and i did not know the "character" in the game would change his tip when shooting. You should include Instructions menu for the new guys (like me) i would give you an 8 but due to the overall confusing game and no instructions menu, I give it a score of 6.

Nice job

This game is alot of fun not like ur basic dodge and shoot but has alot of mix to it i like how when u die everythign stops and u get to move that really tight gread job on this