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Simple, yet...

Simple, yet its an awsome game.
Loved it.
Keep up.

Pretty cool game.

I got to the level after the piano vs. guitar or something like that and accedently pressed the ad below the game! I really like how you can exchange 25,000 points for 3 lives.

Pretty damn sweet!

Alot like a spinoff of Geometry Wars! Which is probably where you got your idea for this game.

I liked how crisp and clean the grafix were, i loved how the syncing was done, and i really liked when you died time stopped and you got to shoot more enemies. The music was ftw.

My biggest problem is that enemies start to come real fast and you only have that crappy gun you start out with (excluding the power ups). You should be like Geometry Wars where you can upgrade the base gun when you reach a certain score, not have it as a random powerup.

It's fun, but you can improve. I look forward to V3 xD

The Mindlessmonkey

its draws you in

it really does you sit and play a little bit then the tunes catch your ear then u just get right in to the game and play for awhile and for some hours its defintly a game i would come back to play on those days were i just wanna kill time Xd good job man