Reviews for "> - RhythmBlaster V2"


It's rare for me to actually be...not lazy enough to write a review, but this was amazing. Perfect, addicting gameplay that really gets more challenging as it goes forward. It's hard to find any flaws, but I did find that if the background was white when I hit the next level, the song name (written in white) can't be seen at the start of the next. But that's just nitpicking, this was an amazing game with much more replay value than I usually find here on NG. I'm sure you're going to have much more than 259 fans.


this game rocks! much better than the first version.


MUCH better than the first, I love it!

It is almost as good as Streamline, awesome job :)!

Keep it up :D!

not bad

its good but the background got annoying

Don't know...

Might be a good game, but I don't know. I had to stop fairly soon because the constantly changing backgrounds were distracting and hard on my eyes. Sometimes powerups get caught outside the area that the player can actually reach.