Reviews for "> - RhythmBlaster V2"

my second attempt: 461570 (level6 without continue)
Not bad?
And...awesome game!
This is the first game I have ever played in Newgrounds :D


good game much more i don't have to say

Not bad at all.

Kept my attention for a little while, and ooh look! Upgrades!

i hate the guys below

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I agree with the guy below, sort of

I'd say that the enemies that home in on you are too overpowered, used too frequently, & have too big of a wave. As said below me, yes, you can avoid the enemies to live, just not the bosses. The power-ups don't come often enough, & when they do, there just all there at once & cancel each other out so when you get one, you end up getting three of the ten and are using one that you don't want. In my opinion, you should try to have power-ups mixable, for example triple shot & laser can be a triple laser, and adding a pause won't affect the laser. Plus, with the power-ups, the game has a tendency to have all those power-ups, with twice as much enemies, so you could end up getting a power-up, but end up losing it in a second when you hit the enemy next to the power-up. Another thing is, I've noticed that you try to be helpful when the bosses chase you by not having any other enemies for that period, but the last boss always had one last enemy that was falling when he started to chase, which always ended up killing me. The first bonus round seemed a bit unfair at one point, having 2 openings on the far left, with one opening in between on the far right. An unavoidable death. Well, yea, that was my quick mini troll about the game. Another suggestion, I like the idea of buying lives with your score. If you could have a shop to upgrade your ship and stuff like that, it would make a future version of this game better (along with what I said above) in my opinion. So, yea, didn't mean to be a douche if it seemed like it, just pointing out some flaws. Thanks for reading :)