Reviews for "> - RhythmBlaster V2"

Great for music lovers!!

This was a great game, the music rocked and the visuals were pretty cool (like the thing that it suddenly changed to black/white and stuff), the only reasons for that you don't get 10 is that the graphics itself could get a bit boring after some time, and i didn't feel i wanted to play the rest of the game. But this is something music fans must play! Keep up the good work!


Amazing game. My only problem was framerate issues. But it could just be my comp, it's been messing up lately. Either way, one of the best things I've seen come from NG. You should submit this to big time game developer. Would be really good on a handheld game.


It reallly entertaning it really puts you on edge and the bosses are good to play against, also when you get hit by one of the objects you can move out of the way and shoot them while they are frozen. I don't know if its a glicth or you put there but all round good game to play on!

Coolio-Niato responds:

Not a glitch, made so that you can catch up to the game during that little pause.

You finally did something good this time.

After all the similar crap you've released it felt like you're not even trying. This one was really nice, almost not-boring but the third (boss) level was pretty unplayable because of the lag (too many scripted objects?). Well anyways, spend more time on your games and think of something different. And don't think I want to be mean or anything, (it's not like you'll read this and i'm not wasting my time but) really, I respect your work, it's just that those games are nothing to remember for, nothing to play for a long time because you've made too many of them. Think of something different and unique now.

Brilliant Game But....

Theres one glitch you should take not of yes sorry youv still got 1 glitch i could spot if you die on one of the bosses and when the screen freezez if you shoot the snake the game syays frozen for loneger instead of starting up again and you can juts keep sooting the snake without it even attaking you.

Now, on to the review

I loved the bosses but mabye you could have had something other than 3 snakes. The bonus levels were good but i kept getting pwned by the flying diamond thingys.