Reviews for "Underground Army"

A Bit of Lag...

Great game, great addition to Newgrounds. My only criticism would be that the game laggs terribly after a certain point. Around wave 10 the lag is terrible. I would also like to add that I was unable to submit my score.

Great Job!

Great Game

VEry good game, I favoritethis while it was still under judgement, but there are two things that would make it a bit better

1. Speed up the bulliets, or slow down the people.


2. Make a little more time before the first wave begins, as soon as I have the money to buy the barrecks, the enemy is attacking.

Other than that, this game is almost perfect.

pretty cool

i love C&C i got every game even the first 1 those were the days thanks 4 bringin back the classics

good but..

you should have put fractions in like red alert or tibrum wars but the gameplay is really like C&C being a huge fan i would say that you have a reason to make a sequel to this game and you should put a story to really bring put the C&C feeling

more gold damn it

quite nice but as said before it gets to difficult to fast