Reviews for "Underground Army"

Theres a few problems

frist off i like the game it was fun up to wave 7 or 8 then i got bored a stoped. One of the first problems that i found was that your troops are dumb they just stand around and do nothing when the guy in front of them is getting blown up. Second i dont know if its in there but you need unit upgrades where it can increase health/damage/defence should be applied to all units. Also i dont know if its in there but you could have turrents or something other than that i like the game alot keep it up

peep killing

how do u kill the peeps attacking the city

Neat game

I think the idea and the way it's made is neat. I mean, underground army, that's already unique in the concept, and the gameplay itself is cool. Unfortunately for me, I found it difficult in the beginning. The interface confused me for a while, and I ended up spending some time figuring out how everything worked, and BAM "Wave 1" appears at the top.

Well, I'm going to play it again to check it out and see if I can overcome the oddity of this game. The soldiers travel pretty fast (rather odd, I thought), and if you get a bunch of soldiers and shoot a bunch of slow bullets (the soldiers are faster than the bullets...?), then you can retreat and the enemy runs into the bullets. Hm. Anyhow, this is a well-made action-strategy game. You might want to put more thought into the help section, or maybe make a tutorial. By the way, in the options menu, you misspelled "medium."

The most annoying thing is the sound. When enemies attack the base, the alarms are interesting at first, then it gets very, very irritating. But otherwise, the music is alright. Vaguely repetitive though.

Keep making good games like this.

Fun but hard and lagging.

Now luzalmondo for #1, the game gives just enough time to prepare, it's just that it's too complicated to properly utilize it.
#2- I agreee totally.

Now for me, I liked this game but it got laggy after a while. Ah well that's my problem I guess. Also, it was kinda easy for me because I only had to defend one side. Why?
The left side has a hill. Put your units halfway up the hill and no damage done to both sides. Just leave the left side like that with 1 unit there. lol. The hill blovks it all.

srry butHHHHHHHH

man ignore every body but 2 things i knmow if i am wrong i hope nazi solderirs kill us all i say it becouase i know that i am RIGHT OK 8910 BECOASE to much lag fix the lag and you get a deffinly 10/10 i promise second its not a bad problem or a ignore for people but make more types of solderirs like super solderier carrier robots or something but i give it a 9/10 becuase of the lag youk now it might be bugs it might be conorr trogan remote slow processer it might be the danm devil for all i know .all i do know is fix the lag please man then its 10/10 ok thanks GREAT GAME MAN YOU ROCK MAKE A SEQUAL PLEASE