Reviews for "Underground Army"


addicting. I didnt like how somtimes a unit would still be selected after i selected a different unit. Being able to choose how many units you want produced without having to keep clicking it after one is done would improve the game.


OKAY i officially hate this game im at wave 5 and thery are 895679ouy7y67879789527890563787890795 3796789046789078908790578-97890780-78 9780-480923907827890569356w7801508919 7845292q6595383427235982q34578289624 enimies its WAY 2 HARD you must be some sick demon to come up witha game this hard but i geuss like the 4 people that beat this game have no lives or gilfriends
i chose seven cuz im pissed at this game not you all those hateful things are twords the game not you if you take this offensive im very sorry but it is a very difficult game maybe witha little faster incom shorter build times it would be a whole lot more fun for me and alot other people


i've seen better


Well i guess they say too hard cuz' they didt read that instructions
Main problem is the units are hard to control
And lagging got more and mre serious after level 10

kinda good

i think it should have a diffucty because it is too hard for me