Reviews for "Underground Army"



Good, but... D:

I like the concept. And nifty music. Rad right there. But LAG. D: And not because of my old compy. Set the quality to low. And I figured out why it lags for me.

On the western side, with the hill, if positioned in certain ways, the troops on both sides try to shoot at each other THROUGH THE FREAKING HILL. D: Yeah. So, good for stalling enemy units, because its a stalemate, but the buildup of enemy units eventually causes horrible lag. That, and then if anyone breaks formation on my side, BAM, big time rape from 50 overlapping enemy units. D:

So, either teeth-pulling-slow, or rape. D:

Ugh. D:

But I like the concept. Was good for a play or two.

Work on it more, please. D:


i loved the game but it seemed to lag way to easily. the quality button sin't even help. well make a sequel anyway.


i love c&c games but this game has to much lag


addicting. I didnt like how somtimes a unit would still be selected after i selected a different unit. Being able to choose how many units you want produced without having to keep clicking it after one is done would improve the game.