Reviews for "Underground Army"

Great Game

VEry good game, I favoritethis while it was still under judgement, but there are two things that would make it a bit better

1. Speed up the bulliets, or slow down the people.


2. Make a little more time before the first wave begins, as soon as I have the money to buy the barrecks, the enemy is attacking.

Other than that, this game is almost perfect.

nice game

very nice game. graphics are decent and gamply is good. keep up the goodwork.


nice game and i love the music it comes with it. could use some improvments on it though.


good but a little hard

not bad

its a good game and challenging to but the way you can highlight troops thats abit messed up and also on the second wave its impossible to get and weapons factorys up and running needs abit of sorting out but all in all good game