Reviews for "Underground Army"


I have found very little, if ANY good flash strategy games, and this isn't one of those. This one is actually a good strategy. It's graphics weren't that great, but good graphics would make it laggy, and I found no lag.

I like defense games, but this one is bad

WOW, this game takes too long to make a vehicle, and it lags up a lot. The money you gain is very slow and not enough to run an "Underground Army" I'm sorry but this game isn't the good defense game I was looking for.

not to good

you have to work on it a little more but it is still kinda good


A good starategy is to build advanced barraks (save money). Then buy a power plant and then residential upgrade level 1. From there you can buy a tank factory or an airport. A good army is rocket soldiers, medics, a few choppers, and some tanks. I only lasted about 6 waves.

Heres a good idea: you have medics for infantary, why don't you make mechanics for tanks? I hate having to buy tanks over and over again. WARNING: DO NOT BUY AN ARMY THATS ALL TANKS.

it just needs a bit more work

the inter face is a bit confusing and the alert noise got to me pretty fast. a tut or something would be appropriate.