Reviews for "Underground Army"

good game

you might want to implant a feature that disables move orders if youre dragging and selecting more units (timer?).

I LOVE the rts style this game has, its something new and not often seen in flash games. One reason is probably the absence of the right mouse click (ARGH) and the other one is that theyre pretty hard to code and play (i can tell).

I hope youre working on a better version of this game. It really has potentional if youd fix some stuff. Its also why im writing this review, keep working on it!! I hope you switch to top down view instead of side view. Ive no idea why you did that because its just annoying IMO.

Anyway, a stylefull game. I seriously hope you arent giving up on these kind of game, id love to see more :) GJ!

Many things to fix, many very well.

The following things kept the game from being perfect: Units don't stand at one place when sent somewhere so only the first one attacks enemies, no inteligent movement (the other ones approaching when enemies show up), nothing showing how many units selected, units walk when clicking in the build-menu if they are still selected. *breathe* ...annoying alarmsound.
The two-side-defense is a good Idea, but it's too hard for beginners I think, and for people struggling with everything mentioned in the last paragraph (me). I love building-games, this one here is great concerning that. Please make the next part(.) - with a training mode to test out everything, or with a mode where only one side attacks. And please optional things like bigger unit-healthbars, less complex unit-animations (if that affects the lag). Better menu-control would be helpful as well, and maybe a build-meter which is always visible.

Theres a few problems

frist off i like the game it was fun up to wave 7 or 8 then i got bored a stoped. One of the first problems that i found was that your troops are dumb they just stand around and do nothing when the guy in front of them is getting blown up. Second i dont know if its in there but you need unit upgrades where it can increase health/damage/defence should be applied to all units. Also i dont know if its in there but you could have turrents or something other than that i like the game alot keep it up

very good

awesome!! only 3 complains: LAG! I just got a new computer with good connection and it still lags. can you change this? i turned off the SFX and turned the quality 2 low. And you should work on planes, because the planes NEVER hit a moving enemy(at least ground units), and the enemy planes always get stuck IN the hills, and even manage 2 get out, and that causes serious lag and inconvenience, beacause tons of enemies attack you at once, way 2 much for the connection and the player to handle

peep killing

how do u kill the peeps attacking the city