Reviews for "Underground Army"

Whoa... pretty damn sweet.

Nice game... best kind I've played like this in a while. Keep up the good work: not much criticism I can offer here.

looks wickedly awesome

real kool, love this. It helps me kill some time while I'm at work. Then I can go home and play some more. Nice tutorial it goes along with the play control, and it's absolutly a load of fun not real funny but fun.


Personally i love C+C games. This game is awesome. the only thing you might want to improve on is a rally point for the buildings cause its really hard to move the units around when they are all bunched up at the entrance.

i love this

but dude u gatta fix the lag problem and its a little to hard i was over run by more then 15 dudes in wave 4 and that hill right next to the city pissis me off i think it should be moved back farther but other then that u have urself a badass game fun as fuck just anoying

this is good

you did an excellent job on this game i only found one thing wrong your troops are to weak the need it to be not much but sorta stronger.