Reviews for "Wilderness Guardians"


I've played and researched RuneScape for a while, and that was f**king epic man. Fighting back tears dude. BTW - on the oldr thing of this, when that one guy mentioned Geilinor, that is the name Guthix gave to RuneScape, so that's why Guthix followers call it Geilinor, also if you examine the globe in the Wise Old Man's house is says 'A Globe of Geilinor'. Either way, epic man. Maybe you should do a piece about the God Wars/Castle Wars or something. I've done a crap load of reading the Knowledge Base (before the site got revamped) and I know more than like almost anyone. Like the fact that Zamorak didn't destroy Zaros with the Staff of Armadyl, and I know what his physical form is now. Also, a little brag of mine, I completed the Stronghold of Security at lvl 3, walked to the north shore of the Wilderness unarmed and lived, and tricked a noob into thinking that you could be a White Knight in F2P. (anyone who doesn't play RuneScape is really f**king confused by now) Anyway, epic video man. Epic.

RuneScape username: Darth Omix (creative, aren't I?)


The image from the intro is extactally the same from lumb mill!! O+__+O

i love it

its was just brilliant

Only problem is..

The only problem is that, the Wilderness Guardians and what they do now, and what they have done, is pretty much a load of crud, actually. :) The video was good though, so I give it a 7


a nice piece of work if i do say so myself.as a fellow player in runescape i admire the way you mix the runescape element with the pure brutality of the battle's.it was trully a wonder full video