Reviews for "Wilderness Guardians"


Ha, the noob with iron armour got 'pwnt' by a badarse mage...

Good film. The genocide scene was little too long and included too few people in the CITY (the was a cathedral there - it was certainly not a village) but the battle and speeches were superb.

Nice one!

VelvetDarkRocks responds:

Haha actually it was a church (most medieval towns had churches, even small ones) but thanks mate :)

So true..

So true, so true. Sounds like my clan a bit, except we're all mages. and were not evil.


The animation was great and it acutally made me sad. And anyone who doesn't like this vid because of Runescape can kiss my ass. Great work man.

just..... wow

there are few words to explane how good this is if any one thinks this sucks cus of runescape them there the bigest fucking morons i ever seen keep up the amazing work!


I would have to say that this was a really good animation. Sure a few things could have been better, but still good nun the less. Grats on the animation and grats on the fact that you seem to stick up for Runescape.