Reviews for "Wilderness Guardians"

Nice job!

It's just great lol.

No words........

I have no words to describe it, it is really good, and it represents a history that we all should follow, to fight for our causes, and never quit.

The first movie I have ever seen about runescape that doesnt go abusive and stuff!

This shit was horrible.

Not because I hate runescape, but because you take youreself way too seriously and I laughed histarically when the knight killed the little kid and then that guy walked in and dropped his something.


It reminded me of the good old times when I was new to computers. Runescape was the first game I had ever played. I almost cried.


I am amazed that someone actually made a Runescape video that is really good. The sound effects are great. The animation is awesome. I would really like to see more of this from you.