Reviews for "Wilderness Guardians"

this made me fucking cry

damnit it was epic

i like it

not bad not great enough to let me watch it and give a review i like the music to nice and soothing
also there are tons of online mmo games out there that are free all you have to do is download it if you download and then updated you can play games that are like world of warcraft for free and no monthly member fee and no lvl caps or 10 quest only then pay for more i downloaded 4 mmo and all i played to lvl 100+
all it takes is search google online mmo or pm me for a name and link i will send you some

good job

the beggings a bit slow but i liked it

Massive Flaw

The only links to RuneScape and this video is that they used the word 'RuneScape' and that that blonde dude for a split second wore the Amulet of Power. I can't see any resemblance.

VelvetDarkRocks responds:

The fight scene with the ancient staff and the fire blasts.
The gear equipped by the fighters is mostly accurate with a few deviations.
The Lumbridge windmill at the start.
The three fighting styles present
White wolf mountain.
The fact that the fight was in the wilderness with a massive volcano in the background as a hint.

Come on, use a little brain power before you make uninformed reviews.


that was epic and there is a sorta freezing spell that vine spell