Reviews for "Wilderness Guardians"

Okay, better.

But where do I begin? First of all, Proske is wrong about a few things. There are children, if you count NPCs, and there are both graves, and gravestones. The freezing would have been better if it was, you know, real Ancient Magicks, instead of some nonexistent spell. Oh, and uh, it's always day in RuneScape because there are four suns surrounding Gielinor. So, just a few small flaws.

VelvetDarkRocks responds:

I'm not going to argue this a great deal but you are taking it too literally.
I'm allowed to deviate from the game slightly, if it is respectful.
Creative license.

ok then

They're all wearing iron armor...
No such thing as brown capes...
No children in runescape...
Magicians can't cast a freezing spell like that...
No 'graves' in runescape...
Best movie ever...



i gotta agree wid awsomemans it was a good flash the colours were very good its just the story is taken way too serouisly for a internet game.

VelvetDarkRocks responds:

You gave me a 1 even though you said it was a good Flash? Come on mate you should remember how hard these things are to make.
A good Flash can take several days, or even weeks... and dozens of hours. Don't hand out bad ratings so easily.

reminds me of the good days

too bad they got rid of thw wildy


Good movie, Very good, I tried to join u guys, but i'm not a high enough lv.