Reviews for "Wilderness Guardians"

very powerful

this reminds me off 300 spartans and world war 2

i have to say, it wwas good but kingpin66 was righ

even tho is good, it's just luke same thing's in it

Good story

I'm gonna give you a 9 because although it was good, it lacked the power. Especially the commanders rally speech. It was just to quick and a little mundane. If you through in a few dramatic pauses and mix up some of the words for some less used and perhaps a little archaic then it would become epic. Sometimes the speech is made through the feelings of the character. In this case I think it would be hatred, pure and unchained anger, and pride.

Second thing I'm gonna hit ya on is character movement, the running was pretty good from animation standpoint. The thing about it was that if you are wearing 60lbs of metal on your body while running carrying sword and probably sheild you wont be moving your arms much. I know they run like that in RS but lets face it, rs is terrible. Most likely a knight would run with his sword arm down at the height of his hip, tip up and arm out from the body at a 45 degree angle. The fight scene was short and thats good for this kinda thing, but the kills were rather simple and could be improved. For example a couple parried strikes from either side then the hero slaps the flat of his sword against his enemy's pommel, the bad guy drops his sword because his fingers just got crushed and the hero swipes across the mid-section, neck or flat out impales him in the heart. Overall great work portraying RS, as an animation, and just in general.


Epic vid man. This is probably the best video i've seen on newgrounds. Wish i could give it more than 10 stars. Runescape ftw!


That..That was Beautiful... :']
Seriously,That animation Was great,I Loved it.
I have a clan Like this,But its a Clan in a Roleplay Group.
Anyway..Great animation..Story...Ending..10/10 :)