Reviews for "Wilderness Guardians"


Graphics, sounds and voice acting are incredible considering when it was made, nice story, and an amazing clan. If I had the time and patience, I would join. You guys are definitely one of the most stable clans in RuneScape.

This is great!

The story, animation, sounds, everything was a-ok! This even made me check out RuneScape. And it has changed a lot.

Very Good

The video is completely bad ass and made me re interested in Runescape.

Great job.

Now I'm a fan of the game myself & RuneScape sure has changed a lot over the years, but this movie was very impressive. I loved how there was a bit of dramatic plot put into the flash, but I'd appreciate some more fast-paced action. All in all, you've done well, but like I said before, this thing is missing a little more oomph in the fight sequences.

the game sucks balls

but the videos are good