Reviews for "Wilderness Guardians"


Cool, you made Runescape serious that it seems. Are you going to do the same for Mechscape or something when it comes out?

pretty good

I really fucking hate runescape, but this was a great mopvie so you get 10/10

nice work dude

was a great movie lol it makes rs that more interesting i play it alot so i wanted to do somethings simmilar but with a different story line nice video you can make it into a movie :P

The world is not called Runescape

This one major error caused me to cringe whenever it was done. The realm of Runescape is not called Runescape, it's called Gielinor. However, this flash animation is a masterpiece. You did a great job using music and sound effects to convey the emotion you intended. The storyline may have been cheesy, but this is many times better than the other flash animations that have the same purpose as yours.

VelvetDarkRocks responds:

The quest in the game called "Meeting History" clarifies:
Some called it Geilenor, but its true name is Runescape.
Though JaGeX is somewhat full of contradictions in regard to this.
The old God Letters say Geilenor, but I think JaGeX has decided on Runescape.

Other than that point, thank you very much for the kind words :)

wow great job

haha go make some more!