Reviews for "ImminentII - Resilience"


wat a great game wish it was possible when doing 40 levels to keep going after like make those check points


it's a cool game but that one annoying glitch pisses me of!!!!!!!!

Same glitch

I found the same glitch at lvl 3 you get unlimited money but except that its a very nice game. Good job


yeah i found a glitch too, my money kept constantly raising, even at the level ends, so i was able to by everything at like level 3 or somethin. Other than that yeah great game, fun to play


I was playing the unlimited lvl. and i was on lvl. 41 and i had just killed one of the orange batering ram things and there was no one on the screen it said end game and i was waiting on the upgrade screen then all of a sudden my health went from maxed at 5902 all the way down to -5902 and it ended the game. It had done that once before but it took me to -10 and my health regenerator was able to catch it in time. Other then that glitch your game was awsome, you only got an 8/10 because this game has been repeted so many different times.