Reviews for "ImminentII - Resilience"

pretty good, but really random glitch

this game was pretty good, other then the fact that i would just randomly die! outa no where my heath went down all the way and into the negitives. also u need to add alot more things to shot at! like it made all the weapons but the cannon and the machine gun usless.

got boring

sooooo many glitches. my health would randomly go down and my money would do the opposite. it really wasn't that challenging because the number of enemies hardly increased throughout the game.


I really liked the game and I dont know if my computer is the only one doing this but when ever i play suddenly I see my HP going up and down and my money going up and up and up... It was a grwat game but please fix that glitch It gets really annoying after a while... Then Ill give you a 10 but this game is still a five for me ^_^


this game is a topper, btw next giv e map with enemy's in.
the reason people seems to loose hp randomly is becaus there's a special enemy .the money is becaus they distroy som of those tanks,

song 6 sounds oddly familiar....?

this game is ok. it felt as if it was missing something idk wat though.........OHHHHHHHHH SHITTTT ISNT THAT N64 RAINBOW ROAD?!!!!!!!!!