Reviews for "ImminentII - Resilience"

i liked the first one better ....

number one was better.....
this remake is crap!! the whole point of this game is to have hoards of enemies attacking you! not a few of em . i fell in love with the first one for that simple reason. ...when u lost that point .....u lost me...

Leonardo-Da-Finchy responds:

What level did you play to? And on what difficulty? The original had a limiter on it, no more than 50 units on the field at once, to keep it smooth due to the inefficient code. There is no such limiter on Imminent 2.

wtf xD

omg... I spent 10 hours on this game xD I'm waiting for the ending,,, but there's nothing xD I've got all the weapons + upgrades... and now I'm in level 76... IS THERE AN ENDING!??!?!

Leonardo-Da-Finchy responds:

Depends which mode you are on.

Victory ends at 40, so you aren't on that. Survival ends at 80, if you're on that you're close. Defeat never ends, so no.

Thanks for the review

Pretty good but serious problems

ok i dont kno if any1 noticed this but i saw it about 2 mins into the game and im not even kidding this glitch make ur money go up forever (im doing it right now lol){ i didnt want to go through bout 130 or so posts so i dont kno if any1 else has noticed it or not}well im at about 100 milion i think that ill go back to playing now

A decent sequel to the original

I don't know what everyone is talking about with the 'Free Money' glitch. I was on a tight budget all the way through level 88.
Must be an 'Easy' level bonus, but I never play anything on easy. No pride in that.

I thought this version addressed most of my beefs about the first version.
The new enemies are a bit small. But then that's part of the challenge I suppose.
It can be hard to tell when the enemies die when firing some of the more advanced weapons due to the size of the weapon grafix and the small explosions.
The mortar doesn't fire rapidly enough to be of much use on the early levels. But you need to keep it upgraded as much as possible so it can be useful later. (Not really a complaint, more of a tip for noobz).
It lags, of course, when you've got lots of ordinance and enemies on screen. Again not really much of a gripe. I know it's the nature of flash games.

My two most productive suggestions (IMHO) :
1.) The static charge class of weapons emminates from outside the radius of the jets once they get into their circle pattern. Makes the static's a bit whimpy.
2.) make the lasers converge at the point of the cross-hairs. For concentrating firepower. They're almost useless except for the occasional bad aim.

Overall, pretty damn good game. And that's high praise comming from me.
Looking forward to Imminent III.

luv, out...

Good but glitchy

Whenever it was time for a boss battle i never saw one but lots several 1000 hp and gained like 1mil. ON lvl 37 i got down to -3376 hp. Fun but better if glitches fixed