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Reviews for "ImminentII - Resilience"

ohh man am i glad i found this gem still broken as ever and still love it! have been going around the net for the last few months trying to find this game! i played it about 10 er so years ago loved it then lost it till now.

I found this game to be good. What I did not like about it was that it was basically the same enemies over and over. I really liked the menu. It's one of the most unique I've ever seen! I am still glad that's not what the game was itself like. You really could rapidly fire in this.

It was just fun to have so many different songs. That's quite a lot for a game that doesn't have that much difference in the levels. The pause music is probably the best. You also have a pretty cool title going for you. It is worth looking at.

figured out glitch

the glitch is that if you have the auto repair on and when it heals you it gives you money too


not bad i liked it. i think lowering the tier intervals would have kept me more interested.this game gets very monotonous after a while. i think adding a story line would have definately helped so mabye in the sequel u should add it.

great game

i dont remember this glitch in the past but now im getting the same thing as bobsack , just randomly past wave about 5 or something the money shoots up by a insain amount allowing you to buy everything which is nice for the little kids who arent patient enough to actually earn everything. but for people like me it ruins the game , try fixing it asap
aside from that tho i love the game and same goes for the first one