Reviews for "ImminentII - Resilience"

not bad

got a glitch though, I had like $20 million in the 4th lvl.

good but theres a few glitches,

like if you have active healers make 4 or 5 sometimes youll blow up because it goes so high that it loops to zero and you die

this game is great!

the game was great but the first one was better (thats what i think so who cares anyway?) i shall waste many hours on this game like i did on the first one. that reminds me about the first game so now i have to play it. you are a great game maker and i dont know how you manage to do it but its great.. YOU ARE GREAT! :D hope you will make a third one.

Nice game, but found a bug !

I really enjoyed this game i found a strange bug.

I cant remember on which level i was it was propably 4th or 5th i had already bought the laser earlier and when i bought the dual machine gun *BAM* all of a sudden i gained a shitload of money (about a million)

This made the game pretty easy :D


Pretty good but...

it was great but there was a huge bug!!! about lvl 12 or so.... i randomly got like 200 mil. all of the sudden. so with that i maxed everything and it made it too easy soo:/