Reviews for "ImminentII - Resilience"


maybe an option to turn off a certain weapon? that mortar got pretty annoying because i ended up not using it. was a waste of ram IMO
same thing with the birds. pretty useless weapon.

here's an idea.. maybe make some enemies weapon specific? hmm

or how about a weapon that shoots air and displaces/stuns enemies? and of course incorporate an enemy that would require such a strategy.

Pretty good

I enjoyed playing this game quite a bit.
There are a few things that need sorting out though. Most of all the problem that a few people have seemed to run into. I get to level 42 after completing level 41, I have all the upgrades and healing upgrades and my armour is up to about 30,000 but a few seconds in I have that problem where it suddenly drops right into the negative and I lose the game. The glitches in the game kept it at an 8 overall. The only other thing I would say is that the music can get a bit repetative, hence the low score on sound.

All that said, I couldn't make something like this, so, good game.

Better than the original, but...

I loved the original of this, and the sequel is better in quite a few ways... But, I ran into a bug. At least, I think it was a bug. I had first rank cannon and electric weapons, and second rank machine gun, laser and flak weapons, as well as 1400 max armour and second rank auto-repair. But on level 16, I think, my health suddenly dropped REALLY quickly and hit 0, causing me to lose. There weren't any enemies I could see on screen.

Only thing that stopped it from going over 7, sorry =\ Beyond that (admittedly frustrating) mess up, it was awesome ^^

Good but,

there was some weird bug where my health went down when I bought the auto heal thingie but my money went up sometimes for some reason too, even though because of it I had about 15 million dollars or pounds or whatever the little money symbol's called it killed me at about level 23ish. Good game though and almost as good as the original lol jk.




It's a great game, but I keep dying for no aparent reason. It's happened twice already, where not only my health regenerates (with the powerup), but I found my money was going up, as apposed to decreasing, at the same rate. As soon as it regenerated fully, it would decrease at twice the speed as it regenerated, thus I die. You might wanna look into that. Still, this is a great game.